About me

Paris 2019
photo credit: Sylwia Iłenda

Patrycja Makowska was born in 1992 in the city of Łódź, Poland. She assures that she has been loving horses since forever, but they actually appeared in her life in 2002, while a camera fell into her hands not long after, just a year later. During this time one of her favourite activities was photographing horses at a nearby stable where she spent her free time.

From the very beginning horses were her most beloved models. At the time though, as for many years, she photographed them for herself. As a memory, for her own pleasure. With time these type of photos were not enough and she began thinking about those seen on postcards and in calendars. And she began dreaming about Arabians, those beautiful Arabians that she admired on photographs taken by Katarzyna Dolińska, that illustrated articles in Polish equine magazines.

She has been photographing Arabian horses since 2014. Patrycja says: “My greatest dream has come true, because I have admired this breed since childhood, I read books about Arabians and articles about them, I followed show results and studied hundreds of photos. I always wanted to interact with them on an everyday basis. And it happened. Arabians became a permanent item in my life and in front of my lens”. This was thanks to, among others, Katarzyna Dolińska, owner of Zalia Arabians stud, who opened the doors of her stables before Patrycja and gave her the opportunity to photograph her horses. This was a key moment and allowed for the passion to develop further.

“My goal and dream is not only to show Arabian horses in all of their perfection, but to make people that look at their images notice a bit of magic within them. My horses are to appear magical and the photographs are to capture moments that are more than ethereal.”

Today Patrycja can be found with a camera in her hand in every corner of Poland, at the studs, training centres and of course at Arabian horse shows.

Her photographs have been published in Polish equestrian magazines, such as Planeta Koni, Gallop, Koń Polski, Konie and Rumaki, abroad in Tutto Arabi, The Arabian Breeders’ Magazine and Desert Heritage, as well as on websites, such as thearabianmagazine.com or polskiearaby.com.

Several times a year new series of postcards with horses are published in Germany.

In 2018 Patrycja’s photographs received recognition in the eyes of talented Polish artists such as Zbigniew Kotowski, Magdalena Muraszko-Kowalska or Sławomir Szereda and became an inspiration for their works.